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About Melissa

Melissa Fisher Goldman, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been working as a social worker since 2004 and providing private psychotherapy since 2008. Her primary work as a social worker has been in Hospice Care with an expertise in end-of-life care as well as bereavement and grief and loss counseling.  She has worked with people from all walks of life with many different reasons for seeking therapy and has found that no matter the reason for which a client seeks counseling it always comes down to coping with what she refers to as Life’s Transitions.

Melissa Fisher Goldman, LCSW 

LSW# 26077

Life is fluid, not stagnant, this causes constant change.  Change can be uncomfortable, even painful. Life Transitions often come with Loss; sometimes wanted, sometimes unwanted.  For example, moving into your dream home, this is a positive life transition, however you still have to adjust to the change and say good bye to the old home you are leaving.  I want to help you experience life’s transitions with ease and comfort.  I believe by learning about our thinking and making changes we can experience peace and joy even during the most difficult of situations. This is true Cognitive Therapy. I will help you see that you can create any life you want. You are Powerful. You Can do anything. For me this is not just a theory or paradigm I learned in school, it is a way of life.

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